My name is Yasar Yücel Yesilbag. I’m a mechanical engineer and a software developer. As a mechanical engineer, I perform finite element method modeling and analysis of satellite structures. I work with metallic or composite materials in various forms, and perform structural analyses like static, thermoelastic, buckling, nonlinear, contact, modal, dynamic frequency response, etc. I also do mechanical test planning and execution.

In addition, I'm writing code for many years, on lots of topics in which I’m interested. My programming journey started at the era of computers with no graphical interface and reached into the era of mobile devices. In recent times, I’ve got a new passion for mobile app and game development. I also like publishing what I do, sharing my works and codes with others. So I will be broadening the scope of my medium page constantly. Feel free to contact me, to provide feedback about game and app releases, or to share ideas.


info [at]