New Engineering Tool - Mixture of Dimensions

A new technique is added to the new engineering tool that I develop, which ensures mixture of pinned and rigid bar elements can be solved without error. This is more important than it sounds, because it can already mix 1D and 2D elements' equations as well. 😎

Brick Miner - Alpha Gameplay 04

Quite a few animations are added, and now game mechanics completed! Explosions, laser damaging, collecting minerals, etc... Now it's time for UI building. It's already fun to play =)

New Engineering Tool - Truss Structure

Development of the new engineering tool is in progress. Here is a view showing deformation plots of a truss structure which is under two different loading conditions. These are results from the solver of system of linear equations 😎

Brick Miner Powerups Added

Powerups are also added to Brick Miner: randomizer, damager and explosives! Last step to complete the game mechanics is to add animations ;)

Brick Miner - Alpha Gameplay 03

This alpha gameplay from my second game project has colored bricks, earthy areas, and precious minerals and gems! They are to be extracted from the mine and, ok, rest is for the subsequent posts ;)