Brick Miner - Beta Gameplay 05

I've added a multiplatform account system to Brick Miner ⛏ It's based on a php/MySQL database server with a cryptosystem, and has features like login mechanism, e-mail address validation, password reset by e-mail, create/delete players, etc… 😎

Brick Miner - Beta Gameplay 04

Sounds and a menu music are added πŸŽ΅πŸ‘‚ It's amazing to observe how sounds amplify the mood of the game πŸ±β€πŸ

Brick Miner - Beta Gameplay 03

Adding multi-language support was harder than I thought, but funnier as well =) So here is a quick look at how it looks like o_O

Brick Miner - Beta Gameplay 02

As part of the beta development of my second game, I added a start screen showing several tips and an end screen showing a summary of the stage. ✌ I also made adjustments to difficulty level of the game and in-game economics. 🧐

Brick Miner - Beta Gameplay 01

With completion of UI, upgrade store, in-game economics and save system, Brick Miner has advanced from alpha to beta πŸ₯³ Beta testing will proceed along with the remaining components 🧐

New Engineering Tool - Moments, Reactions, Joints

Within the scope of development of my new structural engineering tool, moment loading and calculation of reaction forces and moments are added. Plots show moment loading, and solution of a model having both pinned (thin) and rigid (thick) bars.