Cross-Platform Desktop Application

I published an article on titled Cross-Platform Desktop GUI Application using .Net Core, link is below:

Cross-Platform Desktop GUI Application using .Net Core

Brick Miner is released!

Brick Miner is finally released on Android and iOS! Brick Miner is a brick breaker and mining game. You continuously shoot cutters in order to break the bricks and collect minerals in them. Store links are below:


I'm proud of it ^^ I hope you play, like and review it. Have fun!

Brick Miner - Beta Gameplay 05

I've added a multiplatform account system to Brick Miner ⛏ It's based on a php/MySQL database server with a cryptosystem, and has features like login mechanism, e-mail address validation, password reset by e-mail, create/delete players, etc… 😎

Brick Miner - Beta Gameplay 04

Sounds and a menu music are added 🎵👂 It's amazing to observe how sounds amplify the mood of the game 🐱‍🏍

Brick Miner - Beta Gameplay 03

Adding multi-language support was harder than I thought, but funnier as well =) So here is a quick look at how it looks like o_O