FEM App - Mesh Solver More Results

FemApp solver can now calculate strains and stresses at 2D tria elements. On a tria mesh, strain and stress results are coherent with the ones from Nastran πŸ₯³ I'm impatient to see these results in the form of colorful triangles πŸ€“

FEM App - Mesh Solver Results

2D stiffness matrix calculation is ported to FemApp solver. Based on a simple tria mesh, displacement and reaction force results are coherent with the ones from Nastran πŸ₯³ Next step is to combine this with the tria mesher in Unity πŸ€”

FEM App - Tria Mesher - Visual Additions

I've made some visual additions to 2D tria mesher, like coloring of element numbering, wire-frame mesh display, identification of edge nodes 🧐 It's getting prettier ^^

FEM App - Triangle 2D Behavior

I implemented calculations of 2D stiffness matrix for any given triangle and deformed shape under any loading on Excel. πŸŽ‰ Next step is to port this to C# and apply it to tria mesh to build global matrices and deformations. πŸ€”πŸ€¨

FEM App - Tria Mesher - Smoothing

2D tria mesher of my new engineering app which is under development, now has capability to smooth the mesh. 😎 Here is a video that shows the resulting mesh topologies in Unity. πŸ‘€ πŸ₯³