FemApp v0.46

Mesher is integrated 🕸👀 This was a big integration 🕺 Meshing parameters are kept as simple as possible 🎶

FemApp v0.45

Unit system is implemented in all operators 📏 and a settings dialog is added to select the unit system and number display option ⚙️

App and game updates

All apps and games on all platforms are updated, delivering bug fixes and performance improvements.

FemApp v0.44

A side menu is added with file operations dialog for saving & opening models etc., undo & redo mechanism and fit to screen functionality 😎

FemApp v0.43

FEM app's modeler component mostly rewritten b/c the data design was error prone. This was very time consuming but was necessary to make the app more scalable and maintainable. 🤷

Form-based WebApp on Joomla!

I published an article on medium.com titled Form-based WebApp on Joomla!, link is below:

Form-based WebApp on Joomla!