Second Game - Alpha Gameplay 02

Another alpha gameplay from my second game! Added cluster-bricks having defined shapes, rounded corners, positioning with polygon offseting and intersectioning. All is programmatically generated with some randomness ;)

Second Game - Alpha Gameplay 01

Very early gameplay from my second game project 👀🤔

Second Game Project

I've started developing my second game project 🧸 I'll share alpha gameplay videos as they become ready =)

Bemazer v4.0 is Released

Bemazer v4.0 update is released to Android and iOS! 🎵 🍻 🥳 It includes below features:
+ Added ability to break walls down with axes
+ Added in-app purchase: golds
+ Added review button to settings
* Minor updates and improvements

New Web Site Has Been Launched

A refurbished and improved web site, using the Joomla infrastructure I built, has been launched.